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Harnessing AI for Digital Empowerment

Accelerating Team Expertise:

By harnessing the capabilities of AI, companies can equip employees at all levels with the skills, insights, and tools needed to thrive in the digital age. 

Whether upskilling staff, augmenting human capabilities, or automating rote tasks, AI-enabled solutions will be instrumental in successfully transitioning organizations and empowering employees for the new digital reality.

Mastery Through Practice:

Participants learn, practice, and undergo a process of enhancing digital capabilities:

Among Our Clients:

AI & Digital Workshops

Customized AI Lectures: Tailoring Knowledge for Teams and Leaders

AI for HR

Innovative HR Solutions with Artificial Intelligence

Gain practical insights into leveraging artificial intelligence to transform HR processes. 

Through interactive demos and hands-on exercises, this workshop explores current AI technologies and how to strategically apply them for recruiting, employee development, retention and more. 

Discover real-world applications and actionable strategies to implement AI and future-proof HR operations.

AI for Marketing

Maximizing Marketing with Intelligent AI Tools

Through hands-on exercises, explore how current AI capabilities in natural language processing, computer vision and predictive analytics can optimize audience targeting, personalization, campaign performance and more. Gain practical insights into real-world applications to attract and engage customers like never before and future-proof marketing operations.

AI for L&D

Training Smarter with AI-Powered L&D

Transform employee training and development through the strategic use of artificial intelligence. This workshop provides interactive demonstrations of leading-edge AI technologies and how they can be applied to learning needs assessment, personalized and adaptive learning paths, simulated training environments, and evaluating training effectiveness. Discover practical strategies to implement AI for faster skill-building, improved retention and next-level L&D.

AI for R&D

Accelerating R&D Innovation with AI

Gain practical insights into leveraging artificial intelligence to accelerate and optimize research and development. This hands-on workshop explores current real-world applications of AI in simulation, modeling, lab automation, predictive analytics and more. Through interactive demos, discover how leading companies strategically apply AI to augment R&D efforts, reduce costs, and speed up time-to-market. Learn actionable strategies to implement AI and future-proof R&D operations.

What Our Customers Say:

AI for HR | Check Point
The AI for HR workshop gave our team valuable hands-on experience in applying AI to transform HR tasks. Through a fun, interactive lesson, we gained practical insights into leveraging AI to enrich the employee experience and boost performance. My team left feeling energized and empowered to implement AI solutions at Check Point.
Check Point
L&D Specialist
AI for Marketing | Taboola
The AI for Marketing workshop provided by Elad was an incredible learning experience for our marketing team. The workshop made complex topics understandable and enjoyable for the Taboola team. Overall, an extremely valuable day that has Taboola's marketers eager to put their new AI skills to work!
HR Director
AI for Business Operations | Similarweb
The AI workshop was a tremendous learning experience for our cross-functional team. With participants from various divisions like marketing, product, customer success and more, it was an impactful day of gaining hands-on practice with cutting-edge AI tools.
L&D Manager

About me

Elad Darmon

AI & Digital Advisor

I have been guiding and advising businesses since 2006, as an engaging speaker at conferences, courses, and workshop facilitator at leading organizations in Israel.

My goal is to bridge digital gaps and transform mindsets on digital adoption.

I teach practical AI adoption at top tier companies and consult on digital transformation. My workshops emphasize real-world application and hands-on learning. I enjoy guiding organizations to build their digital capabilities in a strategic, impact-oriented way.

I bring rich experience leveraging digital tools across diverse domains including: AI, online research, apps, digital time management, e-commerce, UX / UI, learning and training, infographics & data visualization and tracking tech trends and innovations.

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Discover how AI can automate processes and augment human capabilities to boost productivity.

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